Migne's Patrologia Graeca series and other Very Useful Books

Steven C. Carlson at Hypotyposeis provides links to the places where Mischa Hooker provides links to numerous Very Useful Books for the study of the Bible, Judaism, Christianity via Google Book Search, as well as to Greek and Latin literature generally. Especially nice, from the perspective of this blog, at least, and because I've always had Too Much Trouble locating the volumes I needed, is the convenience provided by the index to Migne's Patrologia Graeca, as well as the several Pseudepigrapha links.

I would like to add . . . links to the full texts of Alexandre's invaluable Excursus ad Sibyllina, and of Geffcken's critical edition of the SibOr.

And many thanks also to Mischa Hooker for the link to Elpenor's elegant pages devoted to texts and translations from Migne's PG.


Roger Pearse said...

Thank you for the link to Elpenor's index of the PG. What a pity that she doesn't say more about that Greek project to digitise the PG. It is a great blessing to have so much of it available online at Google books anyway.

Marco V. Fabbri said...

Perhaps you would be interested to know that the Sibylline Oracles are available within the Pseudepigrapha module in the program Accordance for Macintosh.
The good news is that they are tagged

Marco V. Fabbri said...

Sorry, I clicked to send the comment before i finished.

The tags include parsing details, so that searches can be performed for uninflected forms, or for grammar details.

I wrote the tags, so that I would be interested if you notice mistkaes that I should correct.

o1mnikent said...

Logos Bible Software recently released for pre-order an electronic edition of Migne's Patrologia Graeca.

This version of the PG will be fully searchable, linked to English translations in Schaff's Early Church Fathers, and contain a number of other features that simply don't work with a simple pdf.